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About Us

Our founders believe in the maximizing power that comes from the blending of natural plant extracts, like those in essential oils and broad spectrum CBD oil. Personal adversities within their families were the ultimate inspiration for their development of Plant Juice Oils®.

Amber Laign and Marci Freede met at a dog park on the Upper West Side of New York City as they found themselves on the same morning schedule.  While Amber was sharing her love of essential oils and how lavender was her new go to for a sleep aid, Marci became intrigued. During this time Amber and Marci were on the same mission.  They were both were in search of a holistic approach for their loved ones health struggles.  Through conversation they became fast friends soaking up all they could learning about essential oils and how powerful these little drops can be.

They started making products for family and friends and noticed they were coming and wanting more! This was their Ah-ha moment- Sharing their gift with as many people they could and help them through they everyday heath struggles.

A few months later, they were introduced to CBD from one of Marci’s family members who was working with the cannabinoid at the time.  Urging them to learn more, they dove right in researching and soaking up all the information available to them at the time.  Family members and friends thought they both had lost their minds but Amber and Marci knew they were on to something even bigger than just essential oils alone.  By pairing essential oils with CBD, they would create products that would be beneficial and incredibly effective for women's health.  Plant Juice Oils was born!


A special shout out to Robin Roberts and Alexa Freede.  Roberts is Amber’s long time life partner and Alexa is Marci’s daughter.  Through their own personal health journeys, Robin and Alexa unknowingly led Amber and Marci together on a journey of their own.  Creating the wellness brand, Plant Juice Oils.