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Organic CBD Broad-Spectrum Tincture 1350mg


Our 1350mg Broad Spectrum Tincture is a wonderful addition to your everyday wellness toolbox. When taken daily our tincture may help with sleepless nights, everyday stress, regulate body temperature, even out mood swings, ease joint discomfort, and reduce inflammation from over-worked muscles.

    For the proper preservation of your Tinctures, we recommend storing them upright in a cool dark place.

    Organic CBD Broad-Spectrum Tincture | Organic Tincture


    Our USDA Certified Organic CBD Broad-Spectrum Tincture contains only two premium ingredients: organic olive oil and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract.  Our high-quality organic CBD tincture is:

    • THC free which we refer to as CBD dominant.  Therefore you will not feel high or “stoned”
    • Extracted via CO2 from industrial hemp Sativa plants, creating a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes minus THC.
    • NON-GMO, organic and cruelty-free.
    • Mild with a smooth taste for easy everyday use.

    Suggested Use:  We suggest using our broad-spectrum CBD tincture daily, though the timing may vary for everyone.

    Start slow and low with the number of drops.  Adjust accordingly until you find your personal sweet spot.  Keep in mind that the effects of orally administered CBD can last for four hours or more. But the onset of the effects is much slower (30 – 90 minutes). Overall, less is more when it comes to CBD.