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Sleep Better With CBD

Posted by Marci Freede on

With all the stressors brought forth by everyday modern life, it’s no surprise that a surprising portion of adults in America are under-slept. Long work weeks, financial burdens, health issues, depression, insomnia, and many other factors can play a role. And even if you’re financially sound and healthy, the hustle & bustle of raising a family, maintaining a busy schedule, and other stress factors can result in getting less than a perfect night’s sleep – no matter how comfortable your bed may be.

Lack of Sleep Can Be Dangerous

According to, even moderate cases of lack of sleep are considered to be sleep deprivation, which affects about one-third of adults if not more. Not only can sleep deprivation affect our moods and attitude, but it affects our overall performance. This means our bodies require more exertion to accomplish everyday tasks. The worst part is that as this cycle continues it causes a snowball effect; we sleep less and become more tired as time moves forward. Eventually, this can lead to severe impacts on both our physical and mental health.

If you’re feeling overly-extended, exhausted, constantly drained, and overly-tired – chances are you’re not getting the rest you need for your mind and body to regenerate and re-energize.

A recent Gallup poll, 40% of Americans – which is more than the one-third previously quoted – feel that they don’t get enough sleep. A deep study of this, titled ‘Sleep Duration and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies‘ has determined that:

“Increasing evidence suggests an association between both short and long duration of habitual sleep with adverse health outcomes”, and that “short duration of sleep was associated with a greater risk of death”.

Now, the occasional night when tossing and turning results in 3 hours of sleep and a dreary day is hardly going to cause your body to shut down, but the importance of consistent sleep is paramount to the foundation of good health.

So, what can you do about it? Everyone has their own methods, opinions, ideas, and preferences when it comes to dealing with or treating lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation. Some find that exercise helps, others turn to prescription medications, and some people prefer to have a cocktail or a glass of wine in the evening to help them drift off comfortably. While no two people are the same, most people who decide do do something about their lack of sleep turn to alcohol or prescription medications. However, these can lead to an array of side effects, including increased usage, dependence, and even addiction.

Often, people who choose leave the problem unaddressed are equally in danger of unfavorable symptoms that can leave them so stressed and irritable that they end up being diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) and then medicated for something that wouldn’t otherwise exist if they’d not suffered from an ongoing lack of proper sleep.

With so many alternative sources of information available, some find solstice in natural remedies. These might include teas, tinctures, meditation, massage, yoga, and a variety of other methods – all of which hold their own weight as viable options. After all, a lack of sleep usually tends to originate from an overactive mind, excess energy, stress, worry, and similar debilitating factors.

Returning to nature and natural methods of managing our sleep cycle are ideal. While they don’t work for everyone, they bring zero to very few side effects and there’s usually no harm in a little experimentation to discover what helps you get the Z’s you need.

How to Achieve Great Sleep with CBD

One of the most popular methods today incorporates Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, a natural derivative of the cannabis plant. Since CBD is extracted and isolated, it doesn’t contain THC and therefor is not psychoactive. In short, with CBD products, there’s very little downside. CBD can be introduced to the body by smoking, consuming, and even topically (of course the latter two being the most health-wise methods). While CBD is a booming industry, there’s a whole sub-market that has sprung up solely around the benefits this compound offers in relation to achieving better sleep.

From teas and creams to sprays, CBD roller products, candies, and even CBD soft-gels, there’s no limit to the ways it can be utilized or implemented to aid people in achieving a good night’s sleep. CBD has practically zero side-effects, doesn’t leave you feeling groggy, and is non-addictive. It’s almost as if it’s nature’s miracle medicine for sleep deprivation, and it’s gaining traction in the mainstream as just that. However, some are still skeptical, assuming it to be a short-lived fad even though the science says otherwise.

Where to Find and Choose Natural CBD Sleep Aids

One great example of innovation is combining CBD with other well-known natural substances such as melatonin and essential oils that have been proven to promote better sleep. In our PlantJuice Oils product line, we’ve recently released CBD Softgels with Melatonin to deliver the perfect balance of two of natures best non-addictive sleep aids. Both are acclaimed for their ability to help you snooze longer, more easily, and more deeply. Chances are, you’ve heard of at least someone who swears by either melatonin or CBD, and the combination is a sure-fire recipe for enhanced sleep quality.

While nothing is foolproof, our new soft-gels and similar CBD sleep aids – especially when combined with a healthier diet and lifestyle – can only improve your odds at achieving that deep, peaceful rest that you deserve.

It’s time to get in bed with nature and give your body the opportunity to utilize the compounds of the earth before turning to medications and alcohol as go-to remedies. And giving them a try surely is better than continuing to toss, turn, or to simply deal with the negative effects of being under-slept.


Topical CBD is spread over the skin so that it can be absorbed directly in a problem area. This allows the CBD to penetrate exactly where it’s needed instead of it having to travel around the entire body before it reaches the area that needs it most. Topical application skips absorption through the digestive system or lungs. So it may help lessen unwanted side effects.

Why is Topical Sometimes Best?
With other delivery methods of CBD, people are dosing their entire body. That increases the chances of side effects, like:
Dry mouth
Reduced appetite

But topical is a spot treatment that doesn’t travel around the rest of the body. CBD taken orally, sublingually/buccally or vaped can also interact with certain prescription medications. It can change the way that some drugs are metabolized by your body. This can lead to higher than normal doses of some drugs entering the bloodstream. This could turn a normal dose of medication into an overdose, potentially increase medication side effects or slow the body’s ability to clear and eliminate a drug.With other medications, those known as prodrugs, CBD can reduce the amount that enters your bloodstream, making the drug less effective. With topical application, the CBD goes directly to the area that needs treatment, instead of being spread out over the entire body. This could lessen possible side effects and interactions.Vaping and smoking also expose the user to carcinogens that can carry long-term health consequences. Topical CBD has no carcinogens whatsoever.Topical application is also very easy and discreet. There’s no need for expensive equipment and it’s not necessary to find a location where vaping is permitted.


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